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Using Perception RSS as a Remote Temperature Monitoring Solution

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Some retail stores have one or more refrigerators or freezers where a specific range of temperature must be maintained, either for practical reasons or for compliance.

For example, temperature monitoring is critical in pharmacy refrigerators where medication is stored that needs to be safely maintained within a constant temperature range, to meet pharmacy compliance standards.

Without an automated system, store employees must check the temperature on a regular basis, and log the date, time and temperature.

This is easily overlooked when they become busy or simply forget, and it takes time out from their regular duties.

Perception’s temperature monitoring module eliminates the need for store personnel to record the temperature manually. It also provides you with an accurate digital record, should you need to present this information to someone during a compliance audit.

temperature-monitoring-reportremote-temperature-sensorA small sensor can be mounted inside of a refrigerator or freezer to constantly monitor the internal temperature. If the temperature falls outside the pre-programmed range, a text message or email can be generated to the appropriate parties to address the issue.

This temperature information is presented to the store in the weekly custom analytics report. The information is saved for years, in the event it needs to be produced for compliance purposes.

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