Perception RSS: New Suite of Solutions for Today’s Retail Managers

perception-rss-overview-graphic-2Managing a retail environment today is complex. Store management faces an array of issues that demand your time and attention, and many have significant impacts on the bottom line.

Simply throwing hardware or off-the-shelf software at issues such as loss prevention or improving customer service doesn’t work. To stay competitive and cost-effective, you need solutions developed and designed to solve specific problems.That’s where Perception RSS comes in.

Meet Perception RSS
(Retail Shopper System)

Perception is a Customer Service and Loss Prevention tool designed for today’s retail environment. It can be tailored to your needs to perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Customer service enhancement
  • Loss prevention
  • On-site promotion
  • Security enhancement
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Employee responsiveness monitoring

The System Begins with the Base Unit, Incorporates “Smart Management” Features

At the heart of Perception is its “brain,” a small processor built with proprietary software and rules engine dynamics to control all aspects of the Perception system. The brain is programmed to perform the specific tasks needed for your installation(s), and it communicates with the various hardware peripherals installed in your system via its own wireless network. Perception does not require use of the store’s internal wireless network.

Perception is also connected to the TDI support team so the software can be updated easily to take advantage of future features, capabilities and sensors. The system constantly monitors itself and notifies our help desk of any problems that may require attention. Examples include:

  • Sensor Battery Level – The system sends a notification to our help desk when one of the batteries in a sensor or a call button becomes low.
  • Lost Signal – If a sensor or transmitter in any device stops working we are notified of the problem so we can address the issue.
  • Low Signal Strength – Perception reports back any low signal strength from any sensor or call button directly to our help desk.
  • Tamper Alarm – If any sensor or call button box is opened without authorization, a tamper alarm alert is sent to our help desk telling us exactly which device has been opened.

This proactive approach of monitoring the sensors remotely allows us to know about a potential problem before the store is aware of it.  This enables us to address the situation immediately so Perception continues to operate as expected.

Peripherals Accomplish Your Unique Objectivesperception-rss-system

Depending on your needs, we will connect one or more peripheral hardware units to Perception and program the system to meet your objectives. Capabilities/functions may include one or more of the following:

  • Customer Service Call Buttons  When customers push a call button in a selected area, it activates a prerecorded announcement on the existing overhead paging system or over existing two way radios, or a combination of both overhead and radios. This announcement can be programmed to repeat at any interval desired until an employee responds to the customer request and resets the announcement.
    More on Retail Call Buttons
  • Overhead Announcements – Perception may be configured to make customer service and/or promotional announcements. It interfaces with any existing overhead paging system yet requires no additional paging hardware. The overhead music is muted during the announcement and then resumes playing after the announcements are completed. Perception does not interfere with your ability to make normal pages through the store’s phone system.
    Learn about Overhead Announcements
  • Employee Key Fob Employees and/or managers may also control customer service and/or promotional announcements by pressing buttons on a small portable device that can be carried on their person or mounted on a wall or counter. Find out about Key Fobs
  • Loss Prevention Geo-Fencing  Geographical fencing allows us to place sensors that will surround a department with an invisible fence. When the fence is broken, it can trigger a tone or announcement on the overhead paging system alerting store personnel that someone is in this area of the store. Read about Geo-Fencing
  • Smart Shield  Perception has a sensor that can turn any standard retail fixture into a smart shelf. A key capability of Perception is to ward off would-be shoplifters trying to sweep high-value merchandise from shelves in selected store departments. Geo-Fencing, which can be customized based on management’s criteria, detects suspicious activity (defined by programming) and triggers audible tones and/or overhead announcements designed to make the shoplifter uncomfortable. Learn about Smart Shield
  • Front Door Entry and Exit Alerts  In a store that is open 24 hours a day, it is beneficial for the night crew to know when a customer has entered or exited the store. Sensors can be placed on the front doors detecting a customer entering the store and generating a unique tone on the overhead paging system alerting the night crew. This function may also be programmed to alert staff when a back door is opened. Read about Door Entry Alerts
  • Temperature Monitoring  One of Perception’s optional peripherals is designed for retail stores where it is helpful or mandated that the temperature of refrigerators or coolers be monitored. Alerts may be triggered when the temperature falls outside desired levels. More on Temperature Monitoring
  • Analytic Reports  Perception will generate custom analytic reports for your environment. The report presents you with easily understandable usage data that is graphically laid out and informs management about important performance and/or compliance functions. Learn about Analytics Reports
  • Other Capabilities  You may have a need for an application we have not covered in our documentation. Please reach out to us, tell us your particular application and let us see if we can design a sensor or program component to address your particular requirements. Perception is a robust platform that can accommodate dozens of different input devices and sensors. Want a customized solution? Contact Us.

Perception’s Benefits: A Long List Designed for the Retail Environment

As a retail shopper system, Perception can be customized to perform a wide variety of functions. Therefore, the list of benefits varies based on what you want your system to do for you. Following is a list of benefits that are possible, depending on what you need:

Woman shopping for alcohol in a bottle store

  • Improves customer service response time. Perception can instantly let store personnel know when a customer needs assistance. When a customer is helped in an efficient manner, it builds sales and brand loyalty for your organization.
  • Reduces losses due to theft. Anything that curbs shoplifting today—particularly with high-value merchandise—can have a substantial impact on profitability. Perception has several capabilities regarding Loss Prevention.
  • Increases management control. The data you gain through Perception’s analytics reports can help you identify problems with customer service response, security, etc. And because the system can send text or email messages to management in real time, you get the ability to respond at the very moment response is needed.
  • Complete flexibility. We can configure Perception to meet your needs. If you would like Perception to perform other functions not listed, let us know and we will evaluate building a device and/or custom programming that accommodates your particular requirements. Tell us the problem you are experiencing, and let’s see if we can come up with a solution working together.
  • Easy installation. The Perception system does not require any cabling which makes it inexpensive to install. Installation prices are based on the particular configurations you choose for your store’s environment.
  • Self-reliant connectivity. Perception does not utilize your existing Wi-Fi network. Perception utilizes its own internal wireless connections to communicate with related hardware within the store. This means it is easier to install and will not create any issues with your existing systems.

Got questions about Perception or any of its features? Contact Us

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