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Overhead Paging and Promotional Announcements for Retail Stores

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How to Use Perception RSS  for Customer Service, Promotion and Loss Prevention

Perception can interface with any existing overhead paging system with no additional paging hardware required.

The overhead music is muted, a prerecorded announcement plays, and then the music resumes playing after the announcement is completed.

Perception does not interfere with your ability to make pages through the phone system as you normally would.

There are 3 general kinds of overhead announcements you can make, depending on your environment and your objectives:

  1. Promotional Announcements– Prerecorded in-store messages can be a great way to generate additional business for in-store promotions and/or departments, such as the deli, floral department, etc. Learn more on our promotional announcements page.
  2. Customer Service Announcements– Announcements may be activated when a customer pushes a call button for assistance. In this case, the announcement would summon a store employee to help the customer. For examples and an overview of how this might work, see our page on customer service call buttons.
  3. Loss Prevention/Security Announcements– The last thing a potential shoplifter wants is attention and company. But this is exactly what happens when a shoplifter activates an overhead announcement by unknowingly triggering a Smart Shield sensor. The overhead messaging system can call for “customer assistance” in the designated department before the thief has a chance to complete his/her mission. Read about Perception’s loss prevention capabilities.

Perception Easily Interfaces with Existing Paging System

The Perception system is wireless and does not require any cabling, which makes it easy and inexpensive to install. In addition, Perception interfaces with any existing overhead paging system, so there is no need to replace your current equipment.

Installation prices are based on the particular configurations you choose for your store’s environment. We will provide you with an installation price based on the Perception options you choose to install.