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How Perception RSS Works as a Loss Prevention Smart Shelf System


Losses due to inventory shrink plague most retail stores today, and makes loss prevention a top priority for retail management.  It causes a lot of headaches, keeps loss prevention managers awake at night, and results in a lot of money being thrown at loss prevention solutions.

Some companies sell an entire smart shelf fixture to help reduce shrink, but they are enormously costly and can only be used for a limited set of products in a narrow size/shape configuration.  Perception’s Smart Shield can turn a regular gondola into a smart shelf without the expense of reconfiguring the fixture/merchandise layout of the aisle.

Another common loss prevention technique is to place high-theft merchandise in locked cabinets, which then requires that the customer locate an employee to assist them.   Perception’s wireless customer call buttons can be placed at the locked cabinet, which conveniently allows the customer to request assistance without having to search for an employee to help them.

In stores that are open 24 hours a day, it is often desirable to build an electronic fence around a particular department.  For example, Perception’s Geographical Fencing capabilities can build an electronic fence around the liquor department.  When someone enters the department after hours, an overhead announcement is made alerting the night crew that someone is in this area of the store.  Thieves want to slip in and out of the store unnoticed; the last thing they want to hear is an overhead announcement alerting everyone to their location in the store.

Additionally, in 24 hour stores, it is highly desirable to alert the night crew that a customer has entered or exited the store.  Perception has the ability to make an overhead announcement or generate a specific tone that the night crew recognizes.  This sensor also counts the number of people that have entered the store during the targeted hours.

Solutions can be configured based on your needs, your store hours and your layout. For more information, read the examples of how Perception serves as an effective loss prevention tool in two scenarios:

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