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The Perception RSS Key Fob: Control at Your Fingertips


The Perception Key Fob is a small device that can be kept in your pocket or it can be mounted to a wall. The fob has 4 buttons that can activate your desired prerecorded announcement through the overhead paging system.

For example, it could be in the hands of the manager running the front end of a retail store. Below are examples of how some retail stores are using the fobs to trigger various service announcements:

  • Cart service outside please
  • All cashiers to the front of the store
  • All baggers to the front of the store
  • Carry out service in the front of the store
  • Restroom service please
  • Assistance needed at the customer service booth

Using the Key Fob to Drive In-Store Promotions

The key fob can be mounted to a wall in a department to make prerecorded announcements. For example, if placed in the Deli or Bakery department, the announcements might say:

  • Get a fresh deli sandwich made in the deli department.
  • Looking for something to make for dinner tonight? Come to the deli department for a wide variety of delicious options.
  • Fresh bread is just out of the oven and is available in the bakery department.

The messages can be anything that management might want to make prerecorded periodic announcements about that corporate can control. These buttons can also be mounted on the wall in a variety of departments to generate preprogrammed announcements. Areas such as Meat & Seafood, Deli, Bakery and the Floral Department could all benefit from professional prerecorded announcements.

For more insight into messaging you can control with the key fob, read about prerecorded announcements