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Front Door Entry and Exit Alert Sensors Improve Security and Service


Stores open late or open for 24 hours face special challenges. For example, the night crew is usually staffed by employees who are primarily responsible for stocking shelves.

Their work often takes them away from the front door and out of the line of sight, so they don’t detect when customers enter or exit the building.

However, when a Perception sensor is placed at the front door, it can activate an announcement each time a patron enters or exits your facility.

Depending on your preference, this could trigger a tone on the overhead paging system that the night crew could recognize, or it could be a pre-recorded announcement such as, “Thank you for coming to Safeway.”

The goal is to let the night crew know that someone has entered the store so they can be available for service and/or be on alert for possible shoplifting activity. The tones or announcements also let a potential thief know that everyone in the store is aware that someone has entered the building.

This feature would be programmed to work during specific time periods, so it would not be triggered during normal business hours.


Use Door Entry Alerts for Other Doors

The same sensor technology used to create alerts for the front doors can easily be adapted for use at back doors, or doors to secure areas (e.g. liquor cages, locked general merchandise cages, etc.)

Learn how door entry alerts help with security for 24-hour stores