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Perception’s Wireless Call Buttons Improve Retail Customer Service

Wireless call buttons improve retail customer service

Wireless call buttons designed to help retail customers can be an integral part of good customer service in today’s retail environment. Better service leads to a competitive edge because it helps retain existing customers and builds brand loyalty.

It’s also an excellent, affordable way to leverage technology to do what customers really want: get service quickly.

Consider a customer entering an area of a store where they need assistance. Perhaps that section of the store is not staffed full-time, and your customer has to go searching for someone to help them. With Perception RSS, your customers can simply push a clearly marked wireless call button, and an employee is paged via overhead announcement or on 2-way radios to assist them.

Many retailers have high-value merchandise locked in cabinets. Wireless retail help buttons at these displays let customers quickly get help with a simple push of the button.

Pushing the call button activates a prerecorded announcement on the existing overhead paging system or over existing two way radios, or a combination of both overhead and radios. This announcement can be programmed to repeat at any interval desired until an employee responds to the customer request and resets the announcement.

When an employee arrives to assist a customer they press the hidden reset button. Pressing the reset button does two things:

  1. Stops additional announcements from being made, which alerts other employees not to respond because the customer is already being provided assistance by another employee.
  2. Records how quickly an employee responds to the customer request. This information is graphically displayed on the custom call reports. Within a minute, the manager can look at the report and determine if employees are responding quickly, or if customers are waiting too long for service in a specific area.

Wireless Call Button Options

retail-customer-call-buttonPerception can handle more than one wireless customer assistance call button, making separate announcements on the existing paging system. A wireless call button could be mounted to a fixture, or in a department, making an announcement for that particular product in that area of the store.

For example, a button could be placed in the personal care products area of the store making the announcement, “Customer assistance needed in the personal care aisle.” These call buttons can be placed anywhere in the store, making whatever announcement is appropriate for the customer who pushes it.

The customer call buttons come in a variety of colors. They include custom signage that hangs near the call button to alert customers to its location. Custom buttons can be manufactured for your particular application, including free-standing call button stands that can be placed wherever you need them.

In many stores that are open 24 hours a day, it is the night crew’s responsibility to check out customers after all the regular checkers have left.

customer-call-button-countertopOften, it can be frustrating for the late-night customer to find someone in the store to check them out when they are done shopping. We have developed a call button stand that can be placed at the open checkstand that a customer can push when they are ready to check out.

An announcement is made saying that a customer is ready to check out in the front of the store, so the appropriate night crew person can respond in a timely manner. We find that when a checkout stand is put at the open register in a 24 hour store, the button is pressed between 100 and 200 times per week.

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