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Loss Prevention Solutions for All Stores

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Perception RSS TM provides loss prevention solutions that can reduce theft in any store, regardless of whether it operates on a partial-day or 24-hour basis. The basic principle behind these solutions is using technology to extend employee awareness of customer movements and activities that may pose a problem.

Protect High-Value Merchandise with Smart Shield

Perception’s Smart Shield module lets you turn any fixture into a loss prevention smart shelf. When the sensor is mounted above any shelf, it creates an invisible shield that covers the face of the gondola. Each time a customer reaches their hand through the beam, it makes an audible beep at the shelf.

The sensor is adjustable. For example, if a person’s hand breaks the beam 3 times within a 9-second time period, an overhead announcement can be triggered.* This overhead announcement can be something more direct such as, “Customer assistance is REQUIRED at the baby formula aisle.”

Most large retailers have a policy not to confront shoplifters as they are going out the door. The idea behind the Smart Shield is to be able to interact with the shoplifter before they have done anything illegal while they are still at the shelf. Now when an employee approaches the thief who has a shopping cart full of baby formula at the aisle, they might ask if they can help the customer get these items to the front of the store. This changes the interaction from a confrontation to a simple customer service question of how can the employee can help the customer with this purchase.

This module can also include an overhead announcement calling customer service to that location. This enables employees to respond and offer “assistance” to the would-be thief before the situation escalates to a confrontation when the shoplifter attempts to exit the store with the merchandise.

*Note: The audible beep at the shelf can be turned off if desired. In addition, the number of times a person reaches through the beam and the number of seconds are totally adjustable for your particular application.

Smart Shield and Existing Smart Shelf Integration

?Many stores have already implemented smart shelf technology to reduce theft of high-value merchandise. Smart shelves can be interfaced with Perception to make overhead paging announcements when they are triggered. This increases the value of a previously purchased smart shelf device you may already have installed in your stores.

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Customer Call Buttons

Wireless call buttons can be used with Perception’s Smart Shield module in the above examples. When the system triggers an overhead paging announcement, the employee responding to the call can reset the system simply by pressing the button in that section of the store. The prominently marked call button doubles as a customer service feature (unrelated to the smart shelf event) to request assistance in that area of the store.

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