About Perception RSS Developer Telecommunications Designs (TDI)

At Telecommunications Designs, we’re a solutions provider—and a solutions developer.

TDI has been a leader since 1990, serving the retail industry with a variety of low-voltage services on a national basis. We have been serving Fortune® 1000 clients nationwide as a single-source supplier of network cabling and technology services.

We are highly experienced at national technology rollouts and have a long history of unique solutions for the nation’s retail stores.

The issues our retail clients describe often give rise to opportunities for us to develop solutions that save time, save money and/or improve customer satisfaction. The Perception RSS system is an example of this. Our core business includes telephone/PBX systems, design and installation of structured cabling, project management and technology rollouts. These services include system maintenance and repair around the clock, 365/24/7.

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