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Loss Prevention and Security Solutions for 24-Hour Stores


The reduction of shrink is an ongoing concern in all retail stores. Perception RSS TM has some unique capabilities to help reduce theft. Yet, retail stores that are open 24 hours a day pose unique challenges, both for loss prevention and maintaining security, because:

  • 24-hour stores are often staffed with only a small night crew dedicated to restocking the store. With limited staffing, it can be challenging for the night crew to monitor customer movements inside the store.
  • Without security measures in place, it’s not always easy for employees stocking shelves to know when customers enter or exit the store. Not only can this reduce the ability to prevent shoplifting, but it can also represent a potential danger to employee safety.Criminals often work at night because fewer people, including store employees, are present, and police patrols are less frequent at that time.

Perception has several solutions to help your staff in 24-hour store environments. This page includes a brief summary of modules that are especially useful for these venues. For more information on each Perception feature, click the link provided.

Front Door Entry and Exit Alerts

Customers entering or leaving the store when it is staffed late at night can present a problem when the night crew is working in the back of the store. You can significantly increase store traffic awareness with a sensor placed at the front door that makes an announcement or triggers an audible tone each time a patron enters or exits your facility. More about Front Door Entry and Exit Alerts

Geographical Fencing

Perception’s Geo-Fencing module allows you to electronically create an invisible fence within a section of your store. When a customer enters that area, an overhead announcement is triggered to alert store personnel that someone is in that area of the facility. A common use for this technology would be to put a geo-fence around the Liquor Department. At night, an announcement could be made that a customer was in the Liquor Department, alerting the night crew that a potential theft may be about to take place. For example, an announcement could be made that says “There is a customer in the Liquor Department.”

This message can also be changed based on time of day. For example, at 2:00 a.m., the announcement could change to “Due to California state law, we cannot sell beer, wine or sprits between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.” Not only does this alert the employees that someone is in the Liquor Department, it also mitigates customer frustration when they try to purchase alcohol during off sale hours. More about Geo-Fencing

Wireless Call Button

24-hour-retail-loss-prevention-systemAnother common problem in 24 hour stores is that a customer is ready to check out, but there are no employees in the area. The problem is easily solved by placing Perception’s stylish, portable customer call button stand near the open checkout lane. When a customer is ready to check out, they can push the button, and Perception will make an announcement alerting employees that someone is ready to check out.

No more irritated customers dashing around the store trying to find someone to help them! Not only does this improve customer service, it favorably impacts employee productivity since they no longer have to work in areas with a line of sight to the checkout lane.

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