Perception RSS: Going Beyond Smart Shelf and Retail Customer Help Buttons

retail-loss-prevention-fixtureConcerned about retail loss prevention? Or are you just trying to improve customer service? Either way, Perception RSS TM (Retail Shopper System) provides effective solutions that go beyond anything else in the market for retail stores today.

Best of all, Perception is easy to install, it is flexible, affordable and gives management more control within the store environment.

The system includes customizable options: from retail customer call buttons to loss prevention smart shelf systems—without the high cost of the shelf unit! And it can be installed virtually anywhere on any type of existing shelving. You don’t need to invest in a retail loss prevention fixture to install Perception.

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Retail loss prevention system by Telecommunications Designs

Telecom Designs:
Solutions Provider

Perception developer TDI has been serving retail and other businesses with a full range of communications technology products and services for over 25 years. More on Telecom Designs

Smart shelf system

Retail Loss

Perception RSS can help reduce losses due to theft. This customizable solution is ideal for a variety of retail environments. Learn about its applications as a retail loss prevention tool.

Retail customer call buttons

Wireless Retail
Call Buttons

Want to improve customer service response time? We can customize our wireless retail help button solutions to fit your stores’ needs. Learn more about retail customer help buttons

Retail pharmacy temperature monitoring system


Now, it’s easy to maintain required temperature levels in refrigerators, including coolers in retail pharmacies. Learn about our new solution for retail pharmacy temperature monitoring